About The Mindlab Team

A team of Wellness Experts, Psychotherapists, a Nutritionist and Fitness Expert

Imagine a workforce using more of their brains-it would be like comparing the productivity from an office in the 1920’s with a modern day office. There is no comparison. This is what Mindlab can do for your business.

David Kavanagh is the owner and CEO of Mindlab. Trained originally as a systemic psychotherapist, David has spent the last number of years researching how neuroscience insights can be used in a business environment. David is a successful entrepreneur with a strong track record in sales and management.

The Mindlab team consists of psychologists, psychotherapists, addiction specialists and business leaders who have been trained by David to deliver high-impact programs in a fun and engaging manner. Each trainer has excellent communication skills and is available to travel to anywhere in the world to deliver your program. Each program is bespoke, created and tailored specifically to your business needs. We never use the same course with any two clients in fact, as no two businesses have the same challenges.

David has been certified in the use of the ‘PRISM Brain mapping tool’, an advanced online tool that gives managers key insights into the natural and adapted behaviours of an employee. This can prevent costly mistakes in the area of recruitment or career development. Prism is also an excellent tool for the development of your sales consultant’s awareness of their strengths and weaknesses during the buying process. Prism gives employers a detailed analysis of the challenges and opportunities that are presented by an employee’s personality preferences. To find out more about Prism please visit www.prismbrainmapping.com

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Meet The MindLab Team

David Kavanagh (B.A. Th, H-Dip. P.S., F.T.P.) is a systemic psychotherapist with over 15 years experience. He is a successful entrepreneur and the author of the fascinating neuroscience book, ‘Love Rewired: Using Your Brain to Mend your Heart’. David is a sought after media guest and is regularly quoted in the press. David is the CEO of MindLab. He designs bespoke training courses using neuroscience insights for corporate clients.
GARETH MARTINPsychologist & Technologist
Gareth Martin B.Sc., Counselling Psychologist and technologist. Gareth has been using cutting edge neuro-technology such as brainwave entrainment, biofeedback and EEG to assist his private clients in achieving their full potential. He has 15 years experience in management and technology sales in various commercial environments. Gareth also has qualifications in Counselling, Addiction Recovery and Psychotherapy.
PHILIP WALLWeb Developer
Philip Wall is an experienced full-stack web developer with over 16 years’ experience in multiple technical environments. His background in counselling/psychology has given him the unique ability to analyse user behaviour. His psychotherapy training allows him to communicate and work with people from all walks of life. Philip has many years’ experience presenting courses to large groups of people.

He has managed multiple Google and Facebook advert and page accounts for clients and developed social media strategies for sales, brand awareness, marketing and SEO purposes.
Philip provides strategic consulting, online sales strategy development, brand development, website UI/UX and develops online advertising revenue opportunities.

Dr BREIGE MCNULTYCertified Nutrition Specialist
Dr Breige McNulty is an Assistant Professor of Nutrition in the School of Agriculture and Food Science, University College Dublin. She graduated with a BSc Human Nutrition from Ulster University going on to gain her PhD in 2007.

She has spent the last number of years co-coordinating and managing the National Nutrition Surveys within Ireland. Breige has published many peer reviewed papers in the area of Public Health Nutrition.