Management Workshops

Neuroscience has a great deal to offer your management teams. Our one-day training program blends the latest scientific findings in brain development with real-life role plays. We give each of your team a Prism Report which is then explained during their program. Managers can use this report to understand more about their employees work preferences and weaknesses.

management workshop

Our courses are experiential and we draw heavily on the expertise of your managers. We focus on the brain and how it manages stress in a workplace environment. We explain what drives people and what factors are most likely to improve employee performance. We look at the serious problem of bias and how it can destroy a team’s coherence. We explain how to create the optimum type of team, known as a ‘teal team’ and how to maintain a positive culture within the whole organisation. This course is for both new managers and experienced managers alike. The one day course can be extended to a two-day course, ideal for giving new managers a more thorough grounding in neuromanagement.

Management Workshops

  • Maximising your brain for business success
  • Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Managing emotions and critical thinking
  • Motivating your workforce
  • Goals and Expectations
  • The power of habits
  • Decision making and the problem of Bias
  • The brain during Organisational Change
  • Managing the Social Brain
  • Communication and story telling
  • Creating a Fear-Free Organisation
  • Change Management
  • Optimising Your Team Meetings
  • The Creative Brain
  • Inside Your Customers Brain
  • Selling to the Subconscious Brain
  • Non-Verbal Communication Skills
  • Neuro-sales Skills
  • The Eight F’s of Agile Companies
  • Team Building

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