Consultancy Services

Consultancy services for your business at Mindlab

After we deliver our management training program, companies often find that they need more specialised help to implement these new ideas.

If this the case, Mindlab provides consultancy services and we will work with your managers and employees in the following ways:

1. Facilitation Days

2. Keynote Speaking

3. One to One Coaching

Facilitation Days

These are used by companies to explore ways to create conversations that empower each team member to apply their new learning to the best of their ability.

Mindlab worked with a marketing department who struggled to find ways to engage their customers and the company was losing money. Their facilitation day gave them the chance to mind storm ways of being more effective. The Mindlab consultant gave every team member an opportunity to speak freely about their SWOT analysis of the problem and within a few hours, the team was re-energised and re-focused.

Keynote Speaking

TED talks have been delivered throughout the world with remarkable effectiveness. If you need to motivate 500 or 5000 employees in the most cost effective manner possible, then a Mindlab keynote presentation is exactly what you need. David Kavanagh will give your employees a talk that they will never forget and create a sense of unity and vision that you can build on in the future.

One To One Coaching

For many people, the initial neuroscience training they receive sparks an interest that they need to pursue. Senior management in particular, often find that they are intrigued by what they have heard and want to know more about the ways they can apply this knowledge to their particular roles. This is where we find it’s very important that senior executives can speak in private and in confidence to our consultant. In doing so, executives often find that they can gleam new insights that increase their productivity which would not have come to light in the larger group setting.