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Dedicated to bringing cutting edge science into your workplace. We blend insights from neuroscience with systemic ideas to give your managers the skills they need to fully maximise your employees’ potential.

Neuroscience Training

We have worked with a variety of companies to ensure they maximised their engagement with both employees and customers. We focus on making our training days fun, interactive and practical. If you want to increase sales, revenue or employee retention then our bespoke two-day workshop is a must.
Neuroscience is unlike many current training programs that use unproven and untested ideas about human behaviour.

With Mindlab, researchers from around the world have contributed to our knowledge base and we are grateful to them for providing us with verifiable content that always delivers results.

Organisations need to constantly evolve or they risk disappearing out of the marketplace. If your competition is using neuroscience to attract more customers, can you afford not to?

Neuroscience gives us a powerful understanding of what motivates and drives people.

An understanding of neuroscience can help businesses, institutes and other bodies to perform more effectively.

Here are ten reasons why Applied Neuroscience matters to organisations:


  • Applied Neuroscience gives us a new lens to understand what motivates our managers and employees. This is particularly useful for every organisation engaged in selling products or services, managing large teams of people or that needs to understand the mindset of its’ customers.

  • Applied Neuroscience offers scientific evidence for how to lead people, manage change and improve employee engagement

  • The application of Applied neuroscience research can affect management styles, change how we perceive our customers, and offers us ways to increase productivity without additional costs

  • During serious economic turmoil such as Brexit, knowing how to prevent stress or fear from affecting our decision making process, may result in saving hundreds of jobs and keeping your company profitable

  • In times of contraction or expansion, people need to think both cohesively and creatively.  Applied Neuroscience knowledge allows us to tap into our unconscious wisdom and create a positive and focused group-think dynamic


  • Neuroscientific insights are practical and often easy to implement across a workplace or organisation

  • When we understand how our individual brain parts work, we can become more productive, more competent and more influential

  • Neuroscience can be used at both macro and micro levels in an organisation, such as planning significant changes across the organisation or structuring daily workflows

  • By using scientifically proven wellness programs, organisations are better able to ensure the mental and emotional well-being of their staff. Employees who feel supported are happier, healthier and more productive saving the company hundreds of thousands of euro in absenteeism and lost productivity

  • Senior management may have different goals for their organisation. At times, confirmation bias can take hold, making it impossible for some managers to accept other peoples’ opinions. When this happens, it is essential that an external consultant be employed to guide the team through this ‘opportunity’. The Mindlab team are perfectly poised to facilitate a performance enhancing conversation that unblocks the stickiness of the situation

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Neuroscience is the study of the brain and the central nervous system. By knowing how our brains function, we can manage stress more effectively while becoming more productive as a result.


We designed these programs using ideas from the world of psychology. We used motivation and change management concepts to ensure our programs could deliver the results you expect.


Our head consultant David Kavanagh is a registered systemic psychotherapist. He spent five years developing this wellness suite with a team of other therapists who specialise in addiction, stress management and meditation.