Online Mindfulness Program

The ‘Inspired Living’ online mindfulness course takes eight weeks to complete and is both fun and easy to use. The course uses both video and audio files to deliver the mindfulness exercises, and the instructions on how to use the program, are clearly explained in the workbook and diary which participants download before they start the course.

The program we offer is mobile so it can be completed on any portable device or PC and the exercises can all be practised on the employees own time, saving your company thousands of euro in lost productivity compared to traditional on-site courses.

It takes about four to six weeks before participants will notice the full benefits of mindfulness. This is because new neural connections take time to grow inside the brain. However once this happens, participants will notice a change in their stress levels and in their ability to manage change.

As a manager you can use Mindfulness every day to help give your teams more focus and clarity. Why not start a meeting with a three minute breathing space, or conduct a five minute mindful walking exercise with your teams before an important presentation?

This course has a 100% satisfaction from our clients and we are delighted to offer it to your employees.