Aspire Stop Smoking Program

No one likes to be told what to do, especially when it comes to being told to give up an addiction like smoking. So while we want to help your business minimise the costs associated with smokers such as absenteeism or low levels of team morale, we also want to respect the process that people go through when it comes to quitting smoking.

For many people, giving up cigarettes means having to face emotions that have been buried since the time they began to smoke. This is why just telling your employees to stop smoking may not work, or why sending every smoker to an Allen Carr seminar, may not yield the results you expected.

At Mindlab, we suggest asking employees if they would like to avail of the Aspire program, and if they agree, offer to pay the majority of the costs involved (if they themselves make a voluntary contribution to cover some of the costs). The contribution can be as little as 5 euro, it doesn’t matter.  Neuroscientists have found that people value such programs more when they believe that they consciously chose them, and were prepared to pay for them, as opposed to being given the program for free.

Regularly checking in with employees using Aspire can be a great way of showing your support as their manager, boosting their morale and building a strong team spirit.